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Nowadays, competition has greatly increased and the struggle to get enough traffic on your websites is real. New websites with better SEO strategies are being introduced every other day and users have multiple sites available through which they can get their desired information. 

The majority of people don’t go past the first page of Google’s search results and many of them read only headlines. Creating a headline has become a big challenge. To attract traffic and get clicks, it is important to grab your reader’s attention through SEO headlines.

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How to write SEO headlines?

If you are worried about writing SEO headlines and you don’t want your headline to be ignored so, here are some useful tips that can surely help you to optimize your headlines.

1. Be specific: 

While writing your headlines, try to be more specific. It will help you to get your SEO copy a better search engine results page (SERP). Generic headlines can be less attractive to users and can decrease the readership. Write your headlines in such a way that compels the reader to instantly click on your page. 

Specific headings guide the readers about the narrative of your content. The heading should sum up what is to come. Provide enough information in your heading that can attract the reader. Moreover, Specific headings will help user to find relevant information in your content.  

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2. Be concise:

It is easy for users to read shorter headlines. On the other hand, the longer headline can lose their interest as well as decrease clickability. If your heading is longer, the user will not be able to read the whole text of the heading because the search engine results sites truncate the lengthy headlines. Longer headlines create issues for search engine optimization. Short headlines are very crucial for search engine optimization.

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3. Make your headline simple with active voice:

Another important tip to drive traffic and get clicks on your website is to use active voice in your headline. The sentence written in active voice is easy to understand. 


Passive voice: 5 best tools that can be used to optimize your content

Active voice: 5 best tools you can use to optimize your content

The above example shows two different ways of writing the same headline. Here you can notice that the sentence written in active voice is more simple than the one in passive voice.

Many headline analyzer tools can help you to write well-crafted headlines such as SEMRush title generator and SEOPressor Title generator

4. Write for the right target audience:

Every blog post targets a specific audience. The headline must appeal to its target audience, if the headlines fail to target a specific audience the target audience will less likely to click the link. The headline should be appealing and able to speak to the targeted audience. 

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5. Write keywords that your audience can use:

Keywords play a very important role in SEO therefore keyword analysis keeps too much importance. People use specific words or phrases while searching for informational, transactional, or for other purposes. You may need to perform research to find keywords that match best with your content. Check out the related searches section on google it will help you to find the right keywords for your content. 

There are several tools available that can help you to find keywords such as Moz-Keyword explorer, google keyword planner, etc. Use the keywords strategically so that you may be able to satisfy the audience. Make sure that the keywords used in your headline must relate to the content of your page search. You can also use ubersuggest to find related keywords. Pick a keyword based on its volume, CPC (cost per click) which is paid by the advertiser, and SD (SEO difficulty).

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6. Write value-adding information in your headline:

You need to play with words if you want the reader to get attracted to your content. Convince your reader to click the link and read your content by highlighting the value of your content in the headline. If the user gets an idea of what benefits they would get after reading your content they will stick to your page. 

Promise your user to provide the required information that can solve their problem. 

It is also very important to provide promised information on your page otherwise users will leave your site and the bounce rate will increase. 

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7. Use powerful adjectives:

The use of the right adjective also plays a very important role in grabbing the instant attention of the user. Instead of using typical boring words, use strong adjectives it will help the page to engage with the reader. 

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8. Use numbers in your headlines:

It is good to use numbers in headlines and make a list. It makes things easy to understand. The use of numbers in headlines immediately hooks the readers’ interest. 

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How does it generate traffic?

  1. It will provide your headlines with a proper structure and will make reading easier.
  2. It helps to promise something specific such as “5 successful business strategies”. This type of headline includes numbers and gives assurance of what the user will get after clicking the site. 
  3. The use of numbers in headlines helps in speed reading because most of the time user skims the first line of only numbered entries to check if it is relevant or not. 
  4. It makes it easier for you to stick to the same topic.
  5. Numbers attract our brains. So, the numbers serve as brain candy.

9. Use the main keyword at the beginning of the headline: 

If you want to front-load your headline so start writing your headline with the main keyword it will help to optimize your heading well on search engines. If you add your main keyword in the beginning google will understand it better and rank it for relevant search terms. Your SERP’s ranking will also improve. 

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10. Create question-based headlines:

Asking a question in the headline is more attention-grabbing. Question-based headlines create curiosity in the users to know more about the content. Questions that provoke the reader’s thoughts will get more engagement and the user will be able to find the solution to a specific problem. 

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In this article, we have recommended you the best 10 tips that will help you to write SEO headlines. By following these tips, you would be able to craft a perfect, attractive, and clickable headline that can make your post successful by ranking it at the top of Google’s search results.



Rafiya Zahrah

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