Make passive income per month: Top 11 unique ideas

Everyone desires to have an ideal lifestyle and financial freedom. If you are tired of working actively and want to make extra money by doing minimal effort so earning passive income would be an amazing idea for you but it requires a good amount of upfront work.

Platforms such as the internet have no boundaries to hinder you from doing anything to become successful. You just need to identify your abilities and make substantial research. Today, thousands of people are making money in their homes by making wise use of the internet.

What is passive income?

Passive income is something you can earn without working actively. You can earn this by doing little to no work. It allows you to make money while spending time doing other things.

How can you earn passive income?

Here are some unique ideas, follow these ideas, and wait for your passive income.

1. Cryptocurrency:

It is one of the ways to earn passive income and it is a growing industry. You can trade cryptocurrency and get a high profit. You can earn passive income through cryptocurrency in three ways.

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  • Mining
  • Running Masternodes
  • Staking

Mining: You can earn money through crypto mining. It involves solving the algorithm and adding blocks to the blockchain. Once you complete this process, you will be rewarded with cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrencies are mined with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, etc. These cryptocurrencies use a proof-of-work census mechanism. You will need a higher-efficiency ASIC machine for mining or you can also join a cloud mining service platform.

Running masternodes: You can also earn money through running masternodes. Masternodes are servers that join the blockchain and contribute to network security. These nodes also perform instant payments and private transactions. You need to collateralize a hefty sum of coins to run a masternode and you should have a stable network server to run a masternode. You may also need to use a cloud computing service.

You will be rewarded whenever a new block is formed. You will get a certain percentage from the block rewards and this reward will be stable and guaranteed.

Staking: Staking is the third way to earn passive income through cryptocurrency. It is quite similar to masternode. In staking you can earn a percentage of block reward by holding and locking a certain amount of coin in the wallet in proof of shake system coin.

2. Earn through affiliate marketing:

It is one of the simplest ways to earn money. It does not require a lot of money to start affiliate marketing. You have to perform some initial work and once it is done, you can monthly earn passive income. Work with sellers and creators as an affiliate (people willing to promote or sell their products) through online platforms such as websites, YouTube videos, blogs, etc., and earn money by promoting their products.

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3. Real estate business:

Real estate is one of the most effective ways to accumulate wealth. The things you require to make money in this business are guidance, methods, and determination. Before entering this business, take time to properly educate yourself. Learn strategies for maximizing profit. If you pay attention to all these mentioned things, real estate can be an excellent vehicle of wealth accumulation for you.

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How can you earn money through the real estate business? 

Repair undervalued property: In real estate, you can earn a hefty sum of money by purchasing and then repairing the undervalued property. After the completion of the repair process, sell it to the investor. Once it is sold out, your profit would be significantly higher than the price you paid for it as an undervalued properly. You can also buy the pre-constructed property and sell it for a profit as its value increases.

Buy and hold long-term rental property: Buying a long-term rental property is also another good option for making income. You can rent out this property to others. It is the right way to increase your wealth, it also provides safety against inflation. As we all know that the price of the property is getting higher day by day so this rising market can become a good reason for your profit maximization. You can rent out this property for different purposes such as living, farming, building business, etc.

You can buy and own residential, commercial, and industrial real estate property. It generates steady cash flow and it is the best way of earning passive income.

4. Invest in the stock market:

If you are ready to take the risk to earn high profit so here are a few very useful strategies that you should follow if you are willing to earn through the stock market.

  1. Become a value investor and buy the stocks of leading companies.
  2. Dividend investing is another strategy to earn passive income on the stock market. Buy popular dividend stocks and hold them forever. You can lead to exponential growth through dividend compounding.

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5. Build an app:

If you want to achieve financial freedom, become an appreneur. Build a well-designed app and scale your app. If you find any gap in the available apps and you believe you can fill this gap through your idea so don’t hesitate to build your app. If you are a non-coder, you can still build your app however If you are a developer or programmer, it is easy for you to create an app. You can earn in 2 ways through your app;

  1. Charge a certain amount of fee from people who are interested in buying your app.
  2. You can make your app free and earn through monetizing your app with ads. You can also monetize your app in different ways such as running in-app advertising, charging for premium features, and offering paywalled content.

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6. Create and sell digital products:

You can make money by selling your digital assets. Digital assets include all electronic goods that exist in digital form. It can be books, music, images, software, PDFs, templates, plug-ins, etc. There are many digital products that you can create, sell and earn money from them. In these products, you don’t need to stock inventory or bear storage costs therefore you have a profit margin. Create your digital product once and sell it repeatedly.

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7. Earn through YouTube:

The trend of becoming a YouTuber is increasing day by day. You can earn money on YouTube by creating your channel or ad and then enabling it for monetization. For getting paid, connect your channel to your AdSense account. Now you will be get paid for your monetized videos. If you want to earn through YouTube, create quality content for your videos or ads and effectively deliver it through your videos. You can get views and likes on your content but you need to be very consistent with your schedule. Your videos should be well-planned and up to the standard.

There are other ways as well to earn from YouTube such as creating an affiliate marketing program, linking to influential YouTube bloggers, publishing newsletters, and monetizing.   

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8. Sell online courses:

If you are good at teaching something so you can create and sell your course. It is not only limited to teaching subjects like chemistry or physics but you can also teach different skills through your course. You can share your knowledge across the globe. To start selling your course, make a membership site and offer courses along with this allowing them to access videos and content. People will pay a recurring monthly fee to access this content. Keep your course updated and listen to the feedback.

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How can you promote your online courses?

  • You can promote it through social media.
  • Promote your course through blogging.
  • You can run paid ads on social media.
  • If you have your presence on YouTube you can also promote it on your channel.
  • You can also promote it through guest post writing.

How to attract your customer to your course?

Asking the customer to pay the fee on the very first visit is something inappropriate. If you want your customer to get attracted so offer them some free content first. It will unlock the door between you and your customer. It will also help to establish trust.

9. Invest in small businesses:

Investing in small businesses is another good option to earn a passive income because it requires a minimum amount of investment. For example, you can start vending machine business, freelance writing agency, graphic design agency digital advertising agency, and many other online and offline businesses.

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10. Start blogging:

Writing blogs is another way to earn passive income. Blogs can be about anything. You can write blogs according to your interest. You can earn money from blogging by selling services, advertisements, selling products, and sponsored content.

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11. Put ads on your vehicle:

Do you want to get paid by just driving your vehicle as you do normally?

If you do a decent amount of driving and you live in a metropolitan area so you can earn money by putting advertisements on your vehicle. Companies wrap your vehicles with ads and pay you a certain amount for daily driving. You just need to have a vehicle in good condition with no dents.

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Wrapping up:

So, these were the unique passive income ideas through which you can get rid of limited income and can earn unlimited money even when you are asleep. Just go through all the ideas in this article and find what suit you the best.


Rafiya Zahrah

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