What are the complications of too much overthinking?

People act according to their nature. different people have different effect on different situations like Aggression, sorrow , joy and Excitement. so we will discuss about the bad IMPACT of someone in a unusual State.
So people overthinking about one think and waste their time and mental health and involved in some mental problem like anxiety, depression or stress. So let discuss about the stress.


Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from event that make you frustrated, anger or nervous.
It’s basically the body reaction to a difficult situation like stress during exam, financial problem. It may be positive such as when it help to avoid danger or any other things. Long term stress can also cause you health problems like blood pressure, heart failure or chest pain and many other diseases.
Now let discuss some types of stress.

Types of stress

Stress have two types depending upon the time period and intensity.

Acute Stress

This is short -term stress that goes away quickly. It occurs when you face the different situations other than usual Like money problem, job issues and any sort of problem with family. Particular it may also be due to when u try a new things just like new business setup any interview or 1st day at your job. Approximately all the people in this era are going through the acute stress.

Chronic Stress

This type of stress last for long period of time. It occurs when you are constantly in state of unusual situation like it may be unhappy marriage money problem or anything else. Long term stress can cause you many health problems like blood pressure, heart problems and many others. if u don’t manage it. If you don’t get treated it can also lead to the heart failure.

Our bodies are designed to handle small doses of stress but we are not equipped to handle long-term, chronic stress without ill consequences. like mental health problems, brain problem any many others.

Types of stress:

Eustress good stress possitive stress

Distress bad stress and negative stress.

What are the Causes of Stress:

Stress is emotional changes that can cause by plenty of reasons some of them are:

Health issues

Health problems can also cause the stress like high blood pressure that is due to abnormal blood flow rhythm which cause increase in pressure, due to this our body send signal to brain that help to reduce pressure and if this problem remain for long time signal continuously stimulate brain causing a kind of stress in our brain. Many other type of diseases like Obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety depression and many others.

Family Issues

Stress can be cause by family issues like unhappy marriage, continuous conflicts between the family members, any long term illness of any member death of the family member etc.

Financial issues

Stress can also cause by financial problem jobless person, low salary, less payment to your work and many others. lack of money, to fulfill the needs of life and house hold demands cause the person in serious stressful condition. 

Career Stress

It is a good stress caused by thinking about your studies, job and career by which a student get focused on their studies and work hard to secure their future.


cause of stress in children:

social pressure (bullying)

studying for exam 

parental divorce

cause of stress in adults:

work pressure or job loss

death of the close people

relationship challenges 

money worries

What are Symptoms of Stress

Now if u have stress what symptoms can appear. lets discuss some of it.
Stress can affect you badly including your emotions , behaviour, thinking ability, physical health. Every Person have different way to handle different type of stress so stress symptoms may be change from one to another or maybe as same as other, so it’s better to discuss to your doctor about your condition and take concern. Some of the symptoms are

Emotional Symptoms

Become moody, mood changes too fast
Strong feeling of losing control on yourself
Prolonged relaxation
Feeling lonely and bad about your self
Avoiding others

Physical Symptoms

Low energy
Upset stomach include diarrhea constipation
Chest pain and heart burns
Lose of sexual desire
Nervousness and shaking of hand
Dry mouth
Grinding of teeth

Cognitive Symptoms

Forgetfulness or disorientation
Inability to focus
Poor judgement
Seeing only the negative side
Use of alcohol or some kind of addiction of drugs.

How stress is diagnosed:

No test can diagnose stress, only the persons experience can determine that whether it is present and how severe it feels. A healthcare may ask you different type of questions to understand your condition like how long you are facing the following symptoms, any thing which is bothering you, your relationship with your family and friends, your social life, any conflict between you and your loved ones, your extra curricular activities and extra.

What are the consequences of long term stress

An acute stress is normal and there is no consequences of it but chronic stress can worst many serious health problems, including
Mental health problems such as depression ( serious mood disorder) anxiety and OCD. People used to think about the situations which is actually not going on and may create many problems for them selves.
Heart diseases including high blood pressure, heart attack and heart death, severe chest pain, breathlessness. People with chronic stress may go in to sudden cardiac death.
Obesity and eating disorder, many people with stress eat too much or take high fat diet as a result they get over weight and many health problems as well.
Menstrual problem it is the natural phenomena that the mostly girls have mood swings and depression during their periods.
Skin and hair problem many people start loosing their hairs and have wrinkles on their face.

What are some strategies for stress relief

You can’t stop stress but you can overcome the long effect of it by practicing some daily strategies
Exercise when feeling stressful
Try to busy your self by doing different things
Set goal for your day, week and month
Take Consult to the psychiatrist and do regular check ups

What are some ways to prevent stress

To prevent stress you have to do some strategies
Try activities such as meditation, Yoga in the early morning which will provide you relief by taking in fresh air.
Take care of yourself by taking healthy diet so that you can cantrol your body weight and problems related to weight.
Accept that you can’t control everything
Learn to say “no” to additional responsibility which you think it will affect your mental peace and health.
Stay connected to people who make you happy and provide you emotional support




1. Inadequate or poor-quality
sleep can negatively affect your mood, mental  alertness, energy level, and physical health.


Meditation, progressive
muscle relaxation, guided Imagery, deep breathing exercises, and yoga are powerful relaxation
techniques and stress-busters.


Connect with others by
taking a class, joining an
organisation, or participating in a
support group.


4. The more efficiently you can Juggle work and family demands the lower your stress level.


Don’t let stressful situations fester. Hold family problems solving sessions and use
negotiation skills at home and at work.


treat your self to a massage, take a walk or a nap, or listen to your favourite music


don’t be afraid of asking for help from your spouse neighbour or friends. If stress or anxiety persist, talk to your doctor

How long the stress last

Stress can be a long term issue or can be remove in few days depending upon the person, who can deal with it either thinking of bad memories or learning from their bad situation and move on and take care of their selves.


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