Build a pool of users during the pre-launch stage of a product

Winning over the number of customers in the pre-launched stage sounds pretty difficult, but it is possible through the right strategies. Gathering a waiting list of users before the launch of a product is not that easy, therefore, implementation of best practices into your promotional strategies is necessary to build strong customer-brand relationships.

Launching a product without communicating with the user makes no sense. If you have not launched your product and you do not have brand recognition, so on an initial basis it is necessary to build brand recognition. Building relationship with customers has a key contribution to your business success. Getting the right insights from a diverse group of people will be fruitful. You can create hype among the users without a product in hand if you follow the right business strategy.

If you are in your pre-launch stage and want to generate leads and bring excitement in customers so let’s, take a look at some useful practices that will help you to get users before the product launch.

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Things to practice during the pre-launch stage

Dialogue with potential users:

It is necessary to spend a considerable amount of time on your research. Once you are done then reach out to people whom you think will buy your product. Communicate with them about what you are making and ask for their input. Finally, figure out whether it is really what they need or not.

Involving your users in your product before the product launch is a very crucial step through which you can get your actual users of the product.

First make sure your availability on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. These platforms will help you in building your brand. Social media platforms will help you to get users before the actual product launch because it is where the business is done.

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Get insights from related businesses:

Look for the people and business owners who are doing the same kind of business. Reach them because they have relative business experience, and their insights will be helpful for you in targeting the right audience with the right product.

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Make better use of the power of social media:

Social media can prove to be an effective powerful tool for your pre-launch marketing strategy. You can get pre-launch users of your product by incorporating best practices. Here are some tips that you can implement in your pre-launch marketing strategy.

  • Conduct a question-answer session and let people ask you about the product details such as features, design, etc. this kind of interactive session will help you to better engage with the people.
  • Teasing product launches on social media is another best practice to trigger people’s emotions. You can share posts that contain “coming soon” or “launching soon” so that people can get thrilled about what is coming.
  • Post some development updates on your post so that people can start taking more interest in the product you are going to launch.
  • Share video teasers that create curiosity among the people.
  • Make specific hashtags for your posts.
  • Introduce your team to the audience that can influence people through their storytelling abilities.   

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Build your landing page:

A landing page is one of the online marketing tools which helps you to capture the lead. Here you can run your advertising campaign and you can provide detailed information to the users.

The landing pages have a higher conversation rate and these are cost-effective. The visitor will land on this page directly after clicking on the link of add from google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. 

So, it is recommended to make and share your landing page with your community. Make sure to keep publishing updates to get more and more engagement. Explore the platforms that can better help you to reach your targeted audience for your landing page. The benefits you can get from your landing page are listed below.

  • You can easily get leads from the landing page.
  • You can convert your potential users or web visitors into actual users.
  • Users can highly engage with your product
  • Emphasizing various aspects of your product to the targeted audience becomes easy.
  • More information can be received to personalize user future experiences.
  • A continuous flow of information from customer insights can be received to improve product features.

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Run a Raffel:

One of the terrific approaches for lead generation is to run the raffle. Create an email list and set the prizes for referrals. This online marketing technique will encourage engagement with your product because you are generating leads through the process of gamification. Encourage the players to play and win and to make more referrals. Encourage them to make more entries by making more referrals. The prizes for the raffle can be anything you want.

Set up a raffle and add it to your website and your social media accounts, and you can also make it a part of your email marketing program. In this way, you are more likely to convert your players into product users.

Platforms such as “UpViral” and other landing page builders allow you to set up your raffle.

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Promote your pre-launch product through influencers:

Make the right influencer part of your marketing campaign. Through endorsement marketing, you can educate the audience about your product, and build trust. Their support is valuable and can bring your product a long way. Compared to brand marketing messages, people trust more on influencers, so choose the right influencer for your product and target audience.

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Build your own media kit:

Build your media kit and add all your promotional material to it. Summarize your business and product in it. It can help your influencers to find all the information they need to share about your product.

Keep your media kit concise. Your media kit should cover the following details.

  • A unique and eye-catching brand logo
  • Your complete story and the history of your business
  • Detailed intro of your team leaders
  • Complete product details
  • High-quality product pictures

Listen more and talk less:

It is one of the most effective strategies for getting users. Always listen to what your user says. Use the customer-centered approach. When you listen to your user, you get specific and real-time feedback, and the customer will feel heard and understood. In this way, you can build their loyalty and trust in your product. It can help to make your future interactions better.

By listening more to your users, you can avoid their future dissatisfaction.

This behavior of interaction with users will build a sense of connection in the minds of your user and they will be more satisfied which can result in the form of more business in the future. When you listen to your customers you get the following benefits.

  • It becomes easy to build customer loyalty
  • You can avoid customer churn in future
  • It helps you to understand your product better
  • You can explore more opportunities
  • It can help you to gain meaningful customer insight

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Final thoughts:

It is difficult to reach and speak to the potential users of your product but in the end, it’s all worth it when you have several customers eagerly waiting for your product. You need to be fully prepared so make sure to follow the right promotional strategies during the pre-launch stage.




Rafiya Zahrah

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