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What’s new in Samsung One Ui 5 | Mind-blowing features

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Samsung being a leading global smartphone brand, has undergone remarkable technological advancement and has introduced interesting customization features to enhance user experience. It will not be wrong to say that Samsung is working on a customer-centric approach.

Samsung has finally released a new version of one UI which is one UI 5.0. It is based on Android 13. It has been released for a wide range of its galaxy models, including the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, Samsung galaxy Z flip 4, and Samsung galaxy Z fold 4 models. Before launching it, Samsung had introduced the one UI 5.0 beta program so that users can enjoy the newly launched features before the official release.

For all those who don’t know about the one UI, it is a software overlay or software skin designed by Samsung for its android devices. One UI has different generations, and one UI 5.0 is the fifth generation. One UI 5.0 software update allows users to get an exceptional customization experience through its impressive features. This version will bring ease to your life. Some amazing features that will blow your mind are discussed below.

Features of One UI 5.0:

Visuals Customization:

This version is enriched with various customization options. You can customize your wallpapers, notification section, and clock style. You can also set a lively wallpaper by trimming any video of your choice. More colored and graphic wallpapers have been added. Moreover, you can set different call backgrounds for specific contacts. Samsung has also added more color pallets and there are a total of 12 pallets. In these pallets, you can find a combination of some basic colors, solid colors, and dual-tone colors.

new colors one ui 5


Modes and routines:

Through the simplified layout of the discover screen, this version of one UI allows you to find useful routines. Moreover, it allows you to select the mode according to your current activities.


Notification design:

Samsung has made minor changes in the notification section. New big-sized icons with upgraded design and style have been introduced.


Updated camera and gallery features:

Now the new features have been added to set up your camera for good quality pictures. Another notable addition in this generation is the inclusion of OCR (optical character recognition). You can easily copy texts from photos to your keyboard and gallery app. It was a Bixby feature. Now you can identify text, email addresses, and web links from the pictures. Once it identifies the text from the photo then, you can copy and paste text.



Another mind-blowing feature of Samsung one UI 5.0 is its multitasking function. Now it has become easy for you to get into the split mode. Just swipe your two fingers from the bottom of your screen in the upward direction and then choose the other app on which you want to work. Another way is to long press the app and drag it either to the bottom or the top half then, you will enter in split mode and now choose another app. You can also enjoy the pop-up view by swiping using your one finger to the center.

One UI 5 Swipe for Split Gesture One UI 5 Swipe for Popup Gesture


Search within the content in my files app:

In my files application, you can now search within the content in the file. The file can be in the form of a document or picture. For example, if you search the word Walmart, this feature will identify this word from all files, whether it is written in the form of a picture or a document. Moreover, now my files app allows you to search within a specific folder. This feature was not available in previous versions.

Control notifications:

Now you will be asked for permission to allow notification from the newly installed applications. You can choose the style of getting notification in which you want to receive from an application. You can choose among the pop-up, badge, and lock screen options.

Maintenance mode:

It is an outstanding feature. Now you don’t need to worry while giving your phone for maintenance purposes. Just turn on the maintenance mode and protect your private data.

Samsung One UI 5 Maintenance Mode


Stacked widget:

Stack your widget into one widget and save the space of your home screen. Long press your widget and click “edit stack” option, and then you can add more and more widgets. It was also available in one UI 4, and it was Samsung’s widget.

Switch the shooting modes:

A back button is available in the camera app, which brings you back into regular photo mode from any other shooting mode. When you are in food mode, you can use telephoto lenses, which allow you to capture a magnified image of a distant object.

Auto restart:

Now in this update, the phone will automatically restart. Users don’t need to decide the day and time in the settings option to let the phone restart by itself. It will automatically restart.

Bixby routines:

This feature is available in Samsung smart phones. It contains a list of suggested routines based on your time, location, and event. They have made the list of routines more concise. They have also shifted the focus modes into Bixby routines from digital wellbeing.

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Samsung keyboard:

This new update has introduced the option of enhanced accuracy in the setting option. You can also customize the bottommost row of your keyboard according to what kind of typing you do. For example, you can add punctuation, symbol, or anything you want to add.

Different language for each app:

One UI 5.0 allows you to select different languages for different apps for example, if you want to run YouTube in the French language and LinkedIn in the English language so, it is now possible in this update. You only need to visit the option of general management in the settings.

Adjust call and notification vibration intensity:

Now you have vibration control. Samsung now allows the adjustment of call vibration intensity for all incoming calls and incoming notifications. This feature is also new in this new update.

Lock screen wallpaper:

In the previously released versions, you could set up the wallpaper that cycles through every time you turn on your lock screen, now you get the option to edit, add more photos and remove options choice for the number of pictures you choose for your lock screen wallpaper which were previously unavailable in the previous version.

Emergency call and contact list:

In case of any emergency, call the emergency services by pressing the side key five times. You can also make an emergency list by adding the contact numbers of the people you want to contact during an emergency.

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What change does one UI 5 bring to you?

Enhanced customization experience:

Samsung has allowed you to set your phone in your way through remarkably customization options. You can customize your wallpaper, clock style, call background, Samsung keyboard, and more.

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Better security:

Samsung cares about your security. In this version, Samsung has introduced some security options. If you share any of the sensitive information with anyone, the share panel will provide you a warning.

By accessing the security dashboard option, you can check the security issues in your device. You can also fix those issues.

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Enhanced productivity:

Some features of this new update in Samsung galaxy android phones have improved users’ productivity. These features Samsung has introduced are timesaving. Users can extract text from any photo or screen, they do not need to type everything. Samsung has made this process hassle-free for users.

Moreover, by accessing the menu of the connected device, you can quickly access features that work better with other devices.

Split screen and pop-up view options allow you to perform multitask. These features have improved productivity. You can also set more than one-timers at a time in the clock app.

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Self-expression is easy now:

Expressing yourself has become easy. You can download specific stickers according to your mood and express your emotions through AR stickers and emojis. Moreover, create your emoji pair from the existing and an additional 80 new emojis.

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One UI 5 and Android 13 perfectly complement each other

Since One UI 5 is based on Android 13, it includes all of Android 13’s new features. This covers things like opt-in app notifications and language options that are specific to each app. Here is what to expect from Android 13 if you haven’t yet installed the most recent Android version.


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