Why Elon Musk Two Hand Test For Hiring Is Very Effective?

Elon Musk Famously declared that “college is primarily for pleasure and not for learning,” Elon Musk criticized traditional education as a tool for cultivating and locating elite talent. And while employers all throughout the country rely on academic credentials to locate talent, Musk is adamant that talents are more important than credentials.

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Time-consuming and uncertain is recruitment. It can be challenging to determine whether a candidate is truly a good fit for the position or if they are simply excellent at interviews, even after you have reduced the candidate pool to a reasonable level.

First-hand knowledge very much speaks for itself. Candidates that have actual, first-hand experience relevant to the position they are being hired for succeeding at the outset. Experience may be a teacher as well, and some would even say that it is frequently a better teacher than academic institutions. Elon Musk seems to belong to that group. Key talents and experiences should be taken into consideration when initially screening and sorting applications. Current AI-enabled sorting methods frequently provide employers with a less trustworthy pool of candidates to choose from.

The second “hand” for ensuring you employ excellent personnel, hands-on testing, requires a little more planning and consideration. It is a great approach to learning more about applicants and their abilities, though. Candidates may exaggerate their abilities and give the appearance that they know more than they actually do. Employers can assess candidates’ skills and aptitudes with great accuracy thanks to practical examinations relevant to the position. Common hiring procedures sometimes exclude practical testing in favor of question-and-answer processes. Harvard advises testing ahead of time before the interview even happens.

The 2 – Hands test

1. First-Hand Testing

Though there is significant discussion about the relative importance of education and experience, Musk’s issue is more complicated. Instead, learning comes from experience. An assessment of the candidate’s experience is the first stage of the Musk exam. In the case of Musk, what matters is that he possesses soft talents rather than a variety of degrees and certifications. abilities that are advantageous to the job.

“First-hand experience is desired as a means of identifying talent with in-depth understanding. Consider, for instance, which applicants have the requisite hands-on experience to get started or, at the very least, need the least amount of training to succeed in the position while examining applications.

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2. Hands-on Testing

An interview is an assessment. Many businesses only attempt to assess a candidate’s knowledge rather than genuinely evaluating their abilities. This is a fatal mistake, though, as there is a big difference between rote memorization and genuinely comprehending how something operates.

Put candidates to the test with extremely proper hands-on testing to solve this difficulty. Candidate testing is a component of business development in the same way that product testing is.

Give candidates a test (such as a task or assignment) that most closely corresponds to what the role itself will require to evaluate candidates properly. Make that the test’s scope is restricted to the resources required to carry out the specified test or task. The most excellent approach to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for a position is to watch them go about their everyday responsibilities, which also allows you to concentrate on hiring the finest candidates. Not to mention, your recruits will be inspired and engaged to join your team.

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Elon Musk’s Technique
  • If you’re wondering how to hire the best candidate with Elon Musk’s technique, you’ll need to review your recruitment process first.
  • Instead of focusing heavily on educational background or credentials, consider a candidate’s interests, experiences, and examples of talents that are relevant to the position you are interviewing for.
  • Setting a practical test before the interview saves the recruiting manager time and provides them with better information about the applicants so they’re more able to choose the best candidate.
  • The trickiest aspect of this approach may be coming up with a practical exam. Make sure it corresponds with the position you’re hiring for. Think about the main abilities that are essential to the position. If you want to develop scenarios and activities that are relevant and realistic, think about leveraging actual examples or anonymizing consumer data.
Why the Two Hands Technique Identifies Talent Faster?

Traditional methods of hiring outstanding talent are challenging to adequately quantify. There are simply some people that perform better in interviews than others, and most of the time, this is unimportant for the position you are attempting to fill. Additionally, the finest responses to that one very effective interview question that your hiring manager clings to can be quickly found on Google.

To get to the heart of what matters—does the applicant have the skills, in-depth knowledge, and aptitudes required to take on the task with confidence and competence—the two-hand technique sets aside assumptions about college degrees and other requirements. Knowing this offers you the assurance you need to recognize and recruit great talent.

Doing away with tired traditional selection and recruitment processes can also improve your employment brand. Talented people are eager to work for leading businesses. Leading businesses are built on highly skilled and talented employees. Switching your approach to recruitment can lead to a snowball effect on your business’ recruitment capabilities.


Degrees and qualifications aren’t always the best indicators of talent. Experience speaks volumes and is a teacher in itself. The two hands technique allows you to cut to the chase and hire top talent faster and with more confidence.

The hiring process is undoubtedly exhausting. And so the more quickly you can sift through and narrow down applicants, the sooner you can interview, deploy hands-on testing, and discover the needle in the haystack- the way Tesla and SpaceX discover the world’s top talent.


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