Top 10 Final Year Project Ideas for Computer Science Students in 2022

Do you want project & startups ideas? Are you finding best ideas?

Top 10 ideas are available here with the perspective of approval. 

1. Tax calculation app with BlockChain

Income Tax Calculator App - Concept by BAHUR78 on DribbbleNo matter how educated and skilled you are, calculating the massive digits in a second is always a time-draining task for you. In fact, your single calculation mistake can cause a loss of millions of dollars. But with emerging technologies like BlockChain, calculating taxes and invoicing has become the most simple activities that you can accomplish without creating any blunder. By using an app developed with BlockChain technologies, a user can easily determine how much tax they need to pay in the year.

Tax calculation app is a top mobile app idea that will make money in 2022.

Starting cost

The starting cost of creating this type of app will be $12,000 to $14,000+. Rest you can hire a mobile app developer for the actual estimations based on the specific business requirements.

2. Chatbot song recommender system

Chatbots are designed to assist & scale company teams in their interactions with consumers. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence improve operational efficiency & reduce costs for businesses while providing convenience for customers. Businesses may decrease the requirement for human interaction by automating FAQs.

Do you want to witness the power of AI without actually conducting any statical experiments? If you answered yes, you will undoubtedly enjoy this project.

You will be integrating several services open-source technologies in this project to create a Chatbot that recommends music based on the tone of the user’s discussion with a chatbot.List of Top Mini Projects for CSE

3. Election Analysis

  • You might have watched election results on news channels, and there is much excitement for the same. Various channels show different results for exit and opinion polls.  
  • The interactive charts shown by news channels are done using data analytics and data visualization. Python and R are widely used for analyzing election data. In your computer science project, you can analyze any election data using R to understand the political scenario that existed in the past and how it could change in the upcoming years.Amid national uncertainty, Brown students, scholars grapple with election  analysis | Brown University

4. An App To Find Flexible Jobs

Undoubtedly, the wave of the pandemic in 2020 has made people jobless, shut down various stores, and made businesses paralyzed, and left them with zero hope. So launching an app that helps you find a job on an hourly, part-time, full-time, contract, or project basis can be an innovative app idea for businesses.

By hiring an app development company, you can create a platform where recruiters and candidates can come along and meet their needs. If you are interested in developing a job-finding app, then you can start with an investment of $8,000 to $10,000+, depending upon the complexity of the app.

The 10 Best Job Search Apps to Find Your Dream Job


5. Book a fresh food app

Whether you are a diet watcher or a health freak, everyone is always in the need of fresh food items. Hire a mobile app developer that can create a location-based application, listed all the local shops selling fresh food items at the budget price. It can be one of the best app ideas for small businesses.

Freshly - Food Delivery - Apps on Google Play

7. Custom Cooking Recipe App

This app idea will be a great help for the people who don’t even know the basics of cooking and living away from their home and have to cook their food on their own. That’s why developing a custom cooking recipe app will be a great idea for the startups in 2022 and hopefully stay in trend in upcoming years. All you need is to hire a mobile app developer that can define the categories and add audio, text, and video along with each recipe.

8. AI diet consultant management system

AI Diet Consultant Management System is an application that provides information on balanced diet instructions. The input details such as age, sex, height, weight, and family history, etc., are needed to be entered. The Artificial Intelligence dietician will give the tips related to the balanced diet. This application is developed for Android phones. This application is reliable, user-friendly, and easy to use.

Student Projects on AI Diet Consultant - Parthenium Projects

9. Automated canteen ordering system using android

Automated Canteen Ordering system is developed to save the time of the customer and the canteen administrator. The customer need not wait in the queue to order the food. The customer needs to install the application on his/her mobile and place the order. This application is user-friendly and very easy to access and use. The application displays the supply details in an easily readable format. It allows the supervisor to get the orders by scanning the QR codes from the customer’s android and serve with minimal delay.

Screenshots from the Online Canteen Ordering System showing (A) menu... |  Download Scientific Diagram

10. An app to find a product by scanning a photo

Have you ever heard of this concept? Develop an app that helps you find a product in an app by scanning a photo can be a top mobile app idea that will make money.

You can hire a dedicated developer that can use image recognition technology that visually identifies the products you are trying to search through the mobile camera.

Barcode Scanning Software for Enterprise Brands | Scandit


This article has provided you with a set of computer science project ideas that are creative and interesting. You can work around these ideas and tips to build a great project that stands out. Do you have any questions about this article on ‘Your Guide to the Best Set of Final Year Computer Science Project Ideas’? Please mention them in this article’s comment section. Our qualified experts will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can watch this video: Final Year Computer Science Project Ideas to learn more about this topic.




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