The world's top 10 highest-paid programming languages in 2022

If you’re looking for a high-paying career, then learning to program is a great option. In fact, according to recent reports, programming is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world. But which programming languages are the most lucrative? In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the highest-paying programming languages and what makes them so desirable for employers. So if you’re thinking about learning to program, read on!

Software engineers are spoiled for choice when it comes to the variety of jobs available to them at the moment. Almost every industry needs programmers in some capacity, with jobs ranging from web development to ethical hacking. All that variety means there are big differences in pay and availability between different programming languages.

These programming languages pay the most in 2022.

When searching for a programming language job, it’s important to compare the pay being offered by an employer to averages across the industry. Is the pay much higher than average? Much lower?_ Doing this will help you contextualize the job offer as you start weighing your options and choosing favorites.

Here are the steps:

  • Swift: $116,000 approx. 
  • Python: $105,000 approx. 
  • Golang: $100,000 approx. 
  • C++: $100,000 approx. 
  • Java: $95,000 approx. 
  • Ruby: $95,000 approx. 
  • Rust: $88,000 approx. 
  • SQL: $85,000 approx. 

In light of the examined positions, Swift has the most elevated acquiring potential with median jobs paying around $116k, and frequently earning more than $170k/year. The programming language, which Apple created, was likewise cast a ballot as the “most cherished” language in a 2015 Stack Overflow study.

Most loved programming languages over time

According to the stack overflow survey

According to the Stack Overflow survey, the highest paying programming languages are:

  • Clojure
  • F#
  • Elixir
  • Erlang
  • Perl

These are all quite niche technologies however which have few jobs — it’s a trade off between niche specialism and salary.

Which programming languages pay the least in 2022?

Now, it’s time to have a look at the other end of the spectrum — which programming languages pay the least?

Here’s a list ranked according to data from 2022:

  1. HTML: $70,000 (48 jobs)
  2. PHP: $75,000 (160 jobs)
  3. Typescript: $80,000 (118 jobs)
  4. JavaScript: $81,000 (436 jobs)

Typically the lowest paid software development roles tend to be for Frontend Developer roles. This is due to simple market dynamics i.e. there are more frontend web developers than their backend equivalents; typically programmers begin learning about web development, before moving on to backend development and architecture. The number of frontend vs backend developers can also be seen in data published by Indeed:

Need to know the most in-demand programming languages in 2022

Pay and occupation accessibility aren’t the main ways of dissecting the condition of the programming position market-we can likewise examine which languages are the most popular. That’s what to do, we can look at the year-on-year expansions in the number of occupation offerings for a given language.

There are top two languages trend: 

Typescript: (+391%)

  • 2020: 33 jobs
  • 2021: 162 jobs

SQL: (+158%)

  • 2020: 57 jobs
  • 2021: 147 jobs

TypeScript is a language that compiles to JavaScript. It is a typed superset of JavaScript that makes it easier to write and read. TypeScript is popular for developing web applications.

SQL is a standard database query language. It is used to manipulate and query data in relational databases. SQL is a popular language for developing web applications, and it is also gaining popularity in the big data world.

The programming languages that have seen the greatest increases in demand are SQL and Typescript. Both of these languages are fairly safe options when it comes to choosing a language with the future in mind.

Fastest growing programming languages

Languages that are currently seeing decreases

Just like there are programming languages that experience increases in demand, there are languages that are currently seeing decreases. While there might be an eventual resurgence in interest, it might be a good idea to avoid putting your faith in a programming language that’s currently trending downwards.

These languages are gradually turning into a more niche skill set. A significant part of the world actually runs on C++ and Java, in any case, so it’s impossible that interest in these languages will vanish any time soon.

Here are two examples of this point:

  • 2020: 77 jobs
  • 2021: 61 jobs
  • 2020: 162 jobs
  • 2021: 134 jobs

What are the most popular programming languages in 2022?

We determine a programming language’s popularity not by the number of developers, but by the number of jobs. Ultimately, the job market is the best benchmark of a programming language’s popularity. With that in mind, let’s look at the most popular programming languages in 2022 based on demand:

  • Javascript:
  • 657 jobs
  • $7B market value
  • Ruby:
  • 426 jobs
  • $5.1B market value
  • Golang:
  • 390 jobs
  • $5.1B market value
  • PHP:
  • 232 jobs
  • $2.2B market value
  • Python:
  • 196 jobs
  • $2.6B market value
  • Typescript:
  • 139 jobs
  • $1.5B market value
  • SQL:
  • 135 jobs
  • $1.6B market value
  • Java:
  • 115 jobs
  • $1.4B market value

If you are looking for the most popular and highest pay in 2022, you can consider Python and Golang, whose median range is $105,000.

Programming language popularity over time


Final Thought

In conclusion, the highest paying programming languages to learn in 2022 are  SQL, Swift, C#, Python, TypeScript, PHP & Ruby. These languages are in high demand due to the scarcity of skilled programmers. As a result, developers who know these languages can command high salaries.  

Well, that’s all for this article on the factors that might impact your decision about which programming languages to learn.